Avoid Boredom?


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I only trade indices and at certain times (especially right now!) the markets can be very quiet.
I was just wondering what kind of things you guys do to pass the time during the quiet spells?
Plot the Thermonuclear Armagedon that will allow me and my army of cockroaches to rule over the World...ha ha

ooops..did I press submit?....
here is one

Earlier, Blair warned Iran and Syria not to meddle in Iraq’s future or support terrorists who may upset progress toward Israel-Palestinian peace.
Yu're obviously not very busy. Could you answer this for me ?
Please ?

From: Dr . Tony Dania
Federal Airport Authority
of Nigeria (FAAN)
Ikeja - Nigeria
[email protected]

I hope this message will reach you in the best of health and receive your prompt attention. I am a principal accountant with the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN). This message is to solicit for your kindness in assisting me to transfer some amount of fund from my country to your country.

The total amount of fund is US$29.5 Million (Twenty-Nine Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) which resulted from various contracts awarded by my ministry to some foreign firms in which the contract bills were slightly inflated by us members of the Tenders Board Committee with the sole aim of having the excess fund for our subsequent use.

Presently, all the foreign firms that executed the projects concerned have been paid their bills accordingly and the projects have been commissioned for use. At this juncture, we now want to claim and transfer the excess fund using a foreign company since foreign contractors originally executed the contracts. Also, we as civil servants are not allowed to operate domiciliary nor foreign account, therefore, we cannot claim this fund locally, hence the necessity for thiscontact with you.

We have decided to embark on this transaction now that we have new civilian administration. Our aim is to present your name as a true beneficiary of the fund. The total fund US$29.5 Million will then be remitted into any designated bank account as shall be recommended by you. The relevant authorities will be made to believe that your company executed some contracts for my ministry to which payment is due to be effected.

In this regard therefore, you will be required to present a suitable bank account that will accommodate the total amount of fund. The moment the bank account details are received from you, it will only take a maximum duration of 7-9working days to have all documentations complied and the fund remitted to your account.

On completion of this transaction, we have resolved to give you 25% of the fund for your efforts and assistance rendered; 5% will be used to settle any expenses that might be incurred on the process of this transaction both from our end and your end while the remaining 70% will be for us. I will be disposed to giving the details of this proposal as soon as I receive your confirmation signifying your interest in this proposal and your willingness to assist in its realization.

Kindly reach me through the above email address or below stated Telephone or fax number for more details on how we shall commence the whole transaction.

Permit me to stress the confidential nature of this transaction and does not matter any particular field of trade to prosecute this transaction. Above all, let trust and honesty be our watchword throughout this business.

Many thanks and kind regards whilst I wait in anticipation for your assistance and may God continue to bless you.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Tony Dania
Tel: +234-803-358-9641
Fax: +18153469199


Please include your current telephone and fax numbers in your reply.
Always worth setting a couple of audible alerts for when (if) things wake up again.
Meantime I often play Freecell. 78% success :)

Just been out for a spin in my 1942 Willys Jeep in the sunshine - too good to waste the opportunity.

You could set up the Indices thread on the FAQ.
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Ref scam Nigeria letter - every so often I have a read of the following site - they wind up the scammers. Some of the responses to these letters are hilarious. They even got one ot the scammers to send them money!


Here is another joke

Anti-Europeanism is not British
patriotism, it is out-of-date delusion,
Prime Minister Tony Blair has argued.

Mr Blair, in a speech in Warsaw,
insisted he was winning the argument
against a European "superstate".

Has anyone installed Tonygotchi on their computer? I chickened out in case there were 'hidden extras'. I know nothing about how computers work - I keep a stick in the corner in case the b#gger turns nasty! (The computer,not Tony).