Automated Trader FOREX


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Can someone tell me about auto trade?
Is it safe?

I found this site. Automated Trader FOREX
Can someone say something about this?

Regards :)
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"is it safe" lol reminds me of marathon man ;)

would you trust a site that that tries pass itself off as being around longer than it in fact has. the site tries it on with a claimed copyright date of 2008, but is in fact less than a couple of months old.

plus it just looks like it's only an affiliate link outfit. it yours!


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call me sceptical.................

but why do 90% of these "have you seen this site and can you help me ?" end up as the 1st or second post from a newbie ?

given the number of relatively decent threads on T2W for beginners to look at first (and to ask questions about) we still get the questions regarding obscure sites that no-one has heard of ....

oh well we move forward in faith


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Also, surely there's a way of discussing the site without having to directly link to it.. hmm.


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Automated trading Forex is a very good idea. A technique of trading foreign currencies with a computer program that is based on a set of analyses that helps determine whether to buy or sell a currency pair at any time. You can find different automated trading program on internet.

Forex Affiliate Program

fantastic ....sign me up immediately....and think of the money we can all make by being affiliates ;)
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