August meeting Sussex


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Saturday 19th July

Hello Dave, Martin and Ray.

Our meeting in August. First Tuesday - i.e. 5th August? Same venue?

Best wishes,

Sorry I have only just spotted the thread, must have slipped by somehow.
Yes 5th august is fine with me.
Maybe better to PM Martin and Ray as they obviously missed it as well.
Kind regards

Thanks Dave,

I will e mail both of them today to see how they are fixed.

Best wishes,
Thanks Ray,

I'll send a message to Martin. Do you know of anyone else who may want to join us for a drink and a chat from within the Sussex/Kent region given that our meetings are in Polegate?

Best wishes,


ps How did the house move go?
Hi Sean

The move was awful. Yesterday was the first day I have been able to look at the markets for 3 weeks.

I got a removal firm to pack everything and they would mark up the boxes for instance with Main Bedroom and when we opened it we would find the airing cupboard stuff??!!?? This was the same for every room. :-(

But there you go. I have spent today getting my trading office up and running and am nearly there.

Look forward to seeing you on Aug 5th.

Mr C,

Got your e-mail and have read it thank you. I will take you up on your kind offer. I will send an e-mail this week in reply. Sorry for not replying earlier but the last 3 weeks have been hell.

Oh, that magical room is no more ;-(
At least they didn't pack up your pets ;-)
Best wishes,
Dave, Martin, Ray & Sean,

Very glad to meet you guys yesterday.

Enjoyed talking with you all and looking forward to the next time.

All The Best,

Dear Mark,

The more the merrier! Was that a saying of Robin Hood?

Good to meet you too and thank you for coming along. You will come to appreciate, as indeed have I, that on this board there is an outstanding group of people who will help, advise and encourage. That sentiment encapsulates our monthly meetings in Polegate.

Remember, first Tuesday in the month, same place, same time.

With best wishes,

I cannot send you an e mail as you have specified that you don't want to receive e mails vai the board.

Just a message to say that Dave, Martin, Ray and I will be meeting at the usual venue on Tuesday (1st of the month.) Coming along?

Best wishes,
Hi Sean,

I came over to meet you all at the usual venue this evening and you were nowhere to be found.

Perhaps there was a last minute change of plan and you weren't able to get in touch.

Have I missed the meeting or have you rearranged?

All the best,

Hi Mark
Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding last night, I was there until 7.45, but didnt see anyone else. I spent the whole time alone trying to avoid the pub weirdo! What time did you arrive.
PM me with your contact details

Sorry Mark,

I had to help my sister at the last minute. I don't know what happened to Dave and Ray.

Best wishes,