Larry Swing


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Has anyone any experience of Larry Swing and his products please? His product suggests a high degree of accuracy in pinpointing swings in option trading. Any info much appreciated.
Dave/Ray/Martin do you know anything about him?


I've been looking too at L.S. and SwingTracker but it I feel is very commercial and not like that side of it. His much touted equivolume is seen elsewhere eg. Updata's Technical Analyst. That's not a recommendation however for TA...
I'm just about to install TC2000 by Worden Brother. because more on the web regards the product ie, forums/groups etc. Also, there are people at T2W who use TC2000 - which for me speaks for itself!

Should you go with Larry S. I'd be interested to know how get on.
Oh yes, on the plus side, he does offer a 14days no cost trial so... I may try later.

Thanks Tim,

I received a number of ads about it and took a look. I was curious. I won't be subscribing to it within the foreseeable future.

Thanks for the information on the other lead though. It is always useful to learn of the thoughts and methods of other traders.

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Larry Swing is a spammer. His system is the most unreliable. He send his ads, after all attempts to be removed from his email list. Can't block his ads because he uses a format identifying the From: as (Unknown). Anyone know how to block (Unknown)?