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Did the USA go into a deep sleep yesterday?

Movement on the Indices was almost non-existant.

During the time I have kept records I have never seen so little movement on a Friday. Maybe they were preparing for the weekend :D
Yes it was very flat, holiday weekend like ours, they all left early :) (Or maybe didn't even get in in the first place :))
The contraction before the explosion perhaps? Tuesday should give us a big move. If I was a gambling man, which I'm not, I'd say down. Of course we don't anticipate these things just go with the flow in whichever direction that takes us.
well, I got the big move bit right! Just goes to show the importance of waiting for the market to show you what it's going to do rather than trying to make predictions. Still a nice day, I made 22.25 ES points from 1 trade. Not a bad start to the week!