Are there any good Brokers for small time traders?


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With so many people trading you'd think that would be an easy question to have answered.

Traders have to trade somewhere. So where do they/You trade?

Therein lies the issue. Bad brokers easily have fake reviews touting their greatness only to sucker people in etc...

Well All I want to know is where is a reasonably good place for a (For now) small time trader to start with around 2500 and not be totally screwed over with random 30 point spreads, payment issues and the like? I have searched and search and I mostly find not so good reports.

I havet traded and lost like a lot of people due to my own lack of skill in the past. I have a good strategy now and i want to trade again but not before due dilliegence on the right broker. The demo I am using is with a broker I will never open a live account with but I like MT4 and it has suited my purpose of training myself and getting screen time. I know the results are an illusion because the spreads do not reflect realtime. But again it has served its purpose for me to master my method.

With that being said, I dont mind some slippage because I dont scalp, I am more of a short term position trader. What I wish to avoid are uneccessarily large random spreads and places that restrict trading if you become too profitable.

As I look I keep hearing Oanda and so far of what I have heard they have the least bad reviews, all the same I have some considerable concerns about them as well based on enough bad reviews.

So I shall ask the question that has been asked most likely a million times before.

Who do you trade with?

Do they allow you to withdraw easily?

Do they needlessly widen spreads?

Have they shut you down when you started winning too much?

I would love to hear from anyone trading over a year at the some broker.


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Well, where do I start? My main brokers are FinFX and Alpari UK, followed by IC Markets and Armada Markets, followed by Pepperstone, TradeFort and IBFX. I also have managed accounts with FXPIG, FinFX and Synergy FX.

I have withdrawn more than my initial deposit from FinFX and about my initial deposit from Alpari UK. There has never been an issue.

As I only trade with EAs I don't monitor spreads all the time. Of course spreads are wider in the Asian session and during news spikes, but that can't be avoided. I never had the feeling that a broker adjusted the spreads to intentionally cause a loss on my end.

So far no broker has ever asked me to leave, so either I'm not making enough profit to cause trouble or I was lucky when I selected my brokers. :)
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