Are call centre girls more attractive?

Are call centre girls more attractive than average?

  • Yes

    Votes: 7 43.8%
  • No

    Votes: 9 56.3%

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Yacorab, Mr Charts,

But it's also a very nice diversion/red herring for UK and Indian govenments. We know what's wrong with this country (UK) - health service, education, transport.

But why is the Indian goverment so concerned about an alleged rascism incident on one of its precious, priveleged subjects? I really don't give a flying fcuk. What I find depressing is the treatment and status of "untouchables" (no rascism, here, what?), the Bombay slums, child prostitution. Then again, these are not money spinners - apart from the latter. What are their fcukin' priorities? Where is their credibility? Respect? I don't think so.

I'll sit down for a few minutes. I'll be OK.



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They're charming in a certain way (particularlly if they're standing very close and you don't want assaulting) ;) ...these were the TW2 call centre team on a celebratory night out after beating the Elite team at Mastermind.



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"add traders to this list". Ain't that the truth? Made me laugh, and brightened my day. Thanks, mate.



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Does trade2win have a call centre? I thought it was just this forum, plus a few articles (which to be honest, aren't usually any good).


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"Does trade2win have a call centre? "...."the EDGE"...well it's saturday night so I suppose it's reasonable that you gave it some time off for good behaviour ;)


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chump said:
...these were the TW2 call centre team.
T2W has a call centre??? :eek:


c'mon Sharky, you could have picked better staff.. equal opportunities and all that, but dont you think busty, slim, leggy blondes deserve a job just as much as these sweat beast swamp donkeys?


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I worked in one briefly for a summer job at uni - were quite a few nice ones amongst the other temps - fairly 'liberal' girls too - some good Friday nights out at that place.

Unfortunately the permanent staff are not so great. Mostly very grumpy people who do like to moan a lot - probably too depressed to go to the gym & just stick a pizza in the oven at the end of their shift - end result is a fat bird with a face that looks similar to a bulldog chewing a wasp..


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I work in something like a call centre - a technical helpline for IFAs - and I spend all day surrounded by a mob of very lovely young women, mostly out of uni over the last few years! Okay, it's great, I love it, I carried over the maximum number of days leave from last year - and I get to trade all day long if I wish!


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I worked in a call center when I was at college. I was one of only 3 guys (one way gay and the other was 36 and from asia!) Its fair to say that I hated the job but loved the girls! There where about 12 that where deff worth one but the rest where old moaners!

Id say that call center girls are deff more flirty because they spend all their time thinking about things they'd rather be doin than sitin in a call centre!


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The attractiveness or otherwise of an average selection of call centre girls from any country would probably depend very much on how many pints of beer one has inside him ( or indeed her ) at the time.