Appointment of New 'T2W Forum Guides'


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I’m delighted to announce the introduction of an exciting new community initiative called ‘T2W Forum Guides’ (FGs). The members who have kindly volunteered for the role and the forums that they will manage are shown below. They will be identifiable on the forums by a ‘T2W Forum Guide’ badge beneath their username (except me). Please join me in giving them a very warm welcome and supporting them in their new role!

(Forum categories in blue, FGs in red and their respective forums in black.)

Start Here
Rossini: General Trading Chat
Black Swan and Captain Currency: First Steps (Sub Forums: Trading FAQ and Trading Polls)
timsk: Trading Journals

Forex Markets
Pippy500 and Captain Currency: Forex Discussion (Sub Forums: FX Brokers, FX 1st Steps and MetaTrader)
gamma: Forex News & Analysis
gamma and moe: Forex Strategies & Systems

Financial Markets
dentist007 and Geofract: Indices (Sub Forums: US, UK, European and Asia-Pacific Indices)
dentist007 dentist 007 and Geofract: Equities (Sub Forums: US, UK and Asia-Pacific)
rawrschach: Commodities (Sub Forums: Energy, Metals, Livestock, Grains and Softs)
rawrschach: Money Markets
rawrschach: Options
rawrschach: Futures

Black Swan: Spread Betting

£10kLoser: Psychology

Trading For a Living
Magos: General Career Advice (Sub Forums: Taxation & Accounting)
Magos: Trading From Home

What do FGs do?
FGs will support the objectives of T2W and enhance the quality of content in their forum(s) in five ways:
· Looking after forum ‘Stickies’, which involves keeping them up to date and relevant to the forum. The primary focus will be to add a link in the Sticky to quality ‘golden oldie’ threads, with a brief description of the topic discussed and why it’s of particular interest
· Tidying forums by moving active threads to and from other forums. The primary focus will be to housekeep ‘golden oldie’ threads that are a year old or more
· Reporting posts to moderators that contravene site guidelines, e.g. spam, non-badged vendors and members suspected of having multiple accounts etc.
· Assisting all forum contributors – especially new members and inexperienced traders – by recommending other threads of interest and relevant contributions in the ‘Articles’ section etc.
· Championing new site initiatives, liaising closely with other FGs and providing feedback to the Content Manager and nominating 'Featured Discussions’ for the T2W Homepage

Please note that in order to perform thoroughly and competently the five tasks outlined above; it is not necessary for FGs to be successful traders. All of them are appointed according to their suitability to perform the FG role and not according to their experience, proficiency or profitability as traders.

Just like any other member, FGs are free to post their own personal views on any forum. Their views are theirs alone and not the ‘official’ views of the site or its owner, Paul Gould (Sharky). Please note that their personal views have no greater validity, authority or gravitas than any other member.
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...Greatly respected and wise bunch....Will enhance the quality of this site even more...and that has to be good for us all...!
Re: Appointment of The Latest 'T2W Forum Guide'

Our numbers are growing . . .
Please join me in welcoming the latest FG to join the team!

The Lounge
2be: Money and Property
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