Anyone try


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I am a newbie trader and would like to know if anyone has tried This site is run by Terry Reeves and supposedly he has a good system. I may try it out in June but was just wondering if anyone else has tried it. Thanks!


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Yes, I'm wondering the same. Funny you posted the question today as I just came across the website this morning. So, anyone have any insight into


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I heard it was a load of crap.

punted about by newbie site rampers..


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wow... this 'newbie yank' is really me. you obviously figured it out a long time ago so perhaps share your winning strategy for us to 'punt around' instead, so we can all go home and start becoming rich? share your secrets! come on.. you know it give it up. If not shut it so us newbies can learn from the smart people on the board. At least we're asking.


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Now I'm punting about what a heck a 'ramper' is??


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A ramper is someone who tries to raise interest in a stock or service by continually talking about it, usually because they have a financial interest in doing so.


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skim, they could have alturistic tendencies..

eg, i think we should all try to talk up WHSmith stock today, best of English on St George's Day and all that.

if only i wasnt in such a rush this morning i would have had a full English too.
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