Anyone good with setting up Colmex hotkey order strings?

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Jun 10, 2018

I'm a noob and I'm trying to setup a number of custom order strings in the Colmex platform, and frankly I'm terrible at this kinda thing and could use a little help. I'm dyslexic so long strings of text/symbols can be really hard to read/type without errors.

Just need to setup some custom hotkeys for these orders:

Buy 1000 Shares (Limit order >+$0.05 over Ask)

Set Stop at Breakeven (Limit order > Sell on the bid)

Set 5c trailing stop on existing position (Limit Order > Sell on the bid)

Double position (Limit order > buy on the ask)

SellStop order (Limit order to automatically sell position +$0.10 over current ask)

BuyStop Order (Limit order to automatically buy 100 shares, +$0.10 over ask)

If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it! Have a great week everyone!
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