any thoughts on or any other "trading coaches"?


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Hello everyone,

recently, i came across, a self described trader that offers training in day trading. i sent him a message and i am due to meet him in a couple of days. I just wanted to check if anyone here has any tips or opinions about these sort of training programs.

he offers a 6 week course in day trading, complete with full breakdown of basic trading theory etc. which can be found at

your opinions are highly appreciated and welcome.


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If you are able to see his screen as he trades so that you know exactly what the trades are and that they are actually being made, it may be of help, assuming that you want to copy him. Otherwise, save your money.

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I think if you ready with your money and have intention to learn from these source, you can try out, but in my opinion, no perfect education that will making trader will become expert if their own selves can't improve their ability, learn from any source is good to broaden insight, but to making profit from forex required more practice and good learning with experience