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Can anyone recommend a decent supplier of live FTSE data/charts? I've had a quick scout on the net, but I'm after something that will give me just simple daily 5-minute charts - I know you can get them off bigcharts and advfn but they're about 15-20 minutes behind. Any suggestions of reasonably-priced packages??? Muchos gracias amigos (and amigas) :cool:
Probably cheapest is Mytrack. You can use their own charts. It will cost you about $50 a month though if it's futures data you want. The LIFFE feed is expensive. You can get a free live cash chart if you pay for the Silver plan @$20 a month though.
I'd second Helen's recommendation. MyTracks charts are fine if you only want to display a limited number simultaneously (4 max). Their silver service $19.98 (free if you have an account with ODL securities and place at least one deal on-line each month) plus $15 per month for AIQ r/t charts (or $25 for a feed to Sierra charts) plus exchange fees ($32 for r/t LIFFE data).

Total if you want AIQ charts and LIFFE exchange is $66.98 per month, or about £44. So you need to take 4.5 points out of one ftse future contract per month to pay the fees.

Also if you have an account with IB, you can feed the data into Sierra charts ($40 per half year) although you only get live data, so if your connection drops there will be a hole in your chart. But you can also use MyTrack to feed sierra which also fills the gaps for up to 14 days.

IB only £1.70 per side for futures, tight spreads and quick fills.

ADVFN do a live FTSE chart - go into streaming charts on the blue tag line - symbol is FTSE:UKX - you need to be a "free" subscriber.

I have not found it 100% reliable though.

However if your need for a live chart is to daytrade the FTSE I wouldn't recommend using a FTSE index chart - a futures chart will serve you better and alas I know of no free realtime futures charts.

RogerM and Dr.Mike - thanks chaps : I will have a look into all your recommendations.


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Question re MyTrack

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Been a while since my last post. I am currently wiehing up the best data feeds for the FTSE future. I have loaded up the Mytrack 30 day free trial software, but because of the Bnak holiday there is no support around to answer my questions. All I want to do is set-up a chart for the FTSE future. I'm sure that it is not rocket science but I haven't gota scooby....can anyone supplement the Mytrack help desk in this hour of need?