Any one use Donchian channels?


Hi there,
Just thought I'd post this question to T2W in the hope that someone may be able to help. Basically I was wondering whether anyone has ever used or is using Donchian Channels whilst day trading. I believe that they are very useful in trending markets but not so on trading markets? Any thoughts or experiences would be most appreciated.
I ran a load of backtesting a while ago using two channels - one fast one slow, taking entries and exits when they crossed. As you say, works great in a trending market, but gets chopped to pieces the rest of the time. I was looking for a simple mechanical system, and the backtesting suggested that over a long period of time it would make money, but the results were hardly sparkling.

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Donchian channels

Quite new to the game so I am just trying new indicators etc after wearing a few losses due to inexperience and that fact that the builders have been making loads of noise making this bloody new entrance!!!

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PS I forgot to mention I have backtested Donchian Channels and do not think it is a very good method in todays markets.