Ameritrade Advanced Analyzer


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Ameritrade Advanved Analyzer

I would like to chat to someone who has had experience with the Ameritrades advanced analyzer,good or bad.I am at the moment using analyzer but am having more and more problems with,and no answers.

regards PeterB


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I use it sometimes. However, it's incredibly slow, and while it offers a lot of ways to screen for stocks, and lots of built in features like customized charting and fundamental data, the screening is just not flexible enough for me, and again, it's extremely slow - like Windows 95 slow.

It's a neat program that comes for free if you trade enough with Ameritrade (and become an Apex trader), but considering the large commissions you have to pay, it's not worth it if you trade more than 3 or 4 times a month. Oddly enough, I stopped trading with Ameritrade over a year ago, but they left my account open, and i still have free access to the Analyzer.

However, like I said, it's extremely slow when you boot it up, because it has to update all the data, and the charts take forever to load. I would suggest you use something else, like Wooden (which is ugly, but loads faster, and best of all, offers a lot more variables for screening - although you have to input the formulas manually for the most part) or PowerScan (it's real time, which is great for finding stocks on the move each day, but they also offer a cheaper end-of-day scan), just to name two that are around $50 or less a month.
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