Am I too greedy?


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Am I the only one who is wondering why having a bath stopped you from trading? And have you not had one since?

Reminds me of the classic Pear's Soap advert - Letter to the company chairman from satisfied elderly gentleman customer -

Fourteen years ago I bought a bar of your soap. Since then, I have used no other."


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Am I the only one who is wondering why having a bath stopped you from trading? And have you not had one since?
What I wrote was "Back into trading after taking a bath back in 1999."

take a bath (on something)... to accumulate large losses on a business transaction or an investment. (Alludes to getting soaked, a slang expression meaning "being heavily charged for something.") Sally took a bath on that stock that she bought.
Take a bath - Idioms by The Free Dictionary


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Don't scold yourself. Such situations happen all the time. You don't have to try to catch the difference in a couple of cents, it's not so essential even on large volumes. Maybe you should watch more analytics on this or that asset in order to calculate the situation as accurately as possible or to find the level that will be surely reached. After that, make a decision whether to buy more or to stop there. If analysts all over the world can't calculate values up to a cent, what can we say about simple traders, who learn from their own mistakes every day. If you can try to conduct transactions on several assets at once, maybe it will be more likely to get profit. As I understand it, you are upset that you do not get the expected profit in full.


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While I agree the theory of back testing, as presented by others who replied to this post makes lots of sense, I will admit I'm not the kind of person who wants to spend that amount of time on penny stock trades. One can argue "to my peril" and I will also agree to that.

There is a trading guru on the net, who shall remain nameless by me, at least, who suggests penny stock traders swing for base hits rather than home runs. Since getting back in to trading after taking the slow months off since May I try to follow that rule. If I can make, say, $100 or $200 in a few minutes in the morning trading one stock and do that three times per week (the settlement rules keep me out on the other days) I'm satisfied with that.

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