All G10 Forex spreadsheets :Endo ,exo analysis and Cot reports (Using PFTM Anton Kreil 's Method)


Hi Guys !

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I’ve made all the G10 currencies Endogenous,Exogenous analysis and Cot reports using the Anton Kreil Professional Forex Trading Masterclass (PFTM) method and took me more than 9 months of hard work !

These analysis are spreadsheets based on the hedge funds "Global Macro " strategy,

And they are based on a large series of historical key indicators to analyze the economy of a country, for example in the endo analysis we take the statistical indices like :

The Manufacturing PMI,NMI,Consumer Confidence index and building permits, that are leading indicators and forecast the GDP 12-18 months before,

Then we have coincident indicators, that confirms our fundamental bias like the inlation data Consumer Price index,Core CPI,Producer Price Index ,Core PPI , the employment situation report ; Then we have the Govt data like Central banks balance sheet,T10 Y %,the Debt to GDP ratio,liquidity cover, interest bill ,gov spending, revenues….)and we have also the Reactionary autorithies that acts to inflate o cool down the currency(with Interest rates and Money supply) on the same basis as we do our analsis here and so also the institute traders ;)

and the most interesting thing of all is that it does not require that you have knowledge of how these indicators work, since there have scorecards, that based on the value obtained, a score is obtained, which must be added to that of all the other data, in order to finally have a quantifiable analysis of the inflation or deflation status of that currency in an objective way , in order to get to know the currency Macrotrend with a Long or Short bias and thanks to which you can accumulate numerous positions knowing that you are on the right side of the market

Drive folder with my content:

This is an example with the UK Endo :


(Don’t mind about the graphics but on google drive there is no way to make that the graphics are not crippled and many writings erase)

I created an Automatic Endogenous Analysis template Spreadsheet which will make you easier and save you days and days of formatting, filtering, calculating, correcting and analyzing the data entered-as you should not even bother to learn and be familiar with the method, you just have to enter the data (which I show in the video how to do), and it's done

that is the central part of the course and the most difficult to carry out, an indispensable element for trading, with which you will be ready to trade immediately after finishing the course, also include all the links to be able to update them by yourself.

i uploaded a drive folder with a Word file of more detailed informations about it and 2 videos on how to use my spreadsheet,an another one as an example with the United States

Drive folder of Automated spreadsheet

Hope you will appreciate the hard work and the love I’ve put on it <3

if you are interested or have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact me ;)

Mail :[email protected]


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this is impressive. do you use it for context around a trading strategy or can you use the out put of all the economics for a trade signal. If so, what is your expected holding period and how successful is this IRL?


yes exactly!
you can use it for whatever you want ,and for whichever country you want, but in the overall is more suitable for currencies, as it's main goal is to detect the actual status of the currency ,if is inflated or deflated, and we analyze it to forecast the central authorities action to manipulate the exchange to maintain the economical equilibrium.
The accuracy really depends on how you time your trades, as we have an overlaid gatekeeping process to stop us trading trades with a trend that is fading or that has just started and that has not yet consolidated, but I would say that in general considering the ideal opportunities, the average is 85%, the rest all depends on the timing,
And the golding period is 1-3 months, obviously if the positions continue to pump profits (as often happens) they are kept open until they continue to pay us, if instead they do not go in the expected direction we remove their size and give it to trades that continue to run !
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