Alessio Rastani Discusses Trading on London Talk-Show


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he aint a trader, lives with his girlfriend at her council flat, hardly veiw him as someone to emulate.


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what if you dont have a whole hour? (watched first 2 minutes)
the opening bit one guy uses the phrase "cats" to describe people, as in you "you cats will like this".

looks like some informal, chatty, padded interview.

summary? shortened version to justify watching the whole hour?


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the opening bit one guy uses the phrase "cats" to describe people, as in you "you cats will like this"

Scose approves as he uses this from time to time in teh reelz (y)

The Leopard

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Is this a joke? Do you guys really not know who he is? Master trader? :LOL::LOL::LOL:

Seriously, why was this blatant spam not just deleted?


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Alessio is one of the funniest guys I've seen...

The Leopard

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He's a trading 'trainer'. Either that tells you all you need to know or - well, what was that line from Wall Street about you being lucky to get together with your money in the first place?


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the guy is a marketer...not a trader. he posted on his blog about shorting Apple back in March....then he went quiet on the trade. a total chancer !!


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you recommend taking the hour on it?
if you rate it, could you summarise the subject areas addressed, and 2-3 key ideas you thought worthy of note?

I'm not recommending anyone do anything....just saying his view on how things work generally in the real world are a lot more realistic than others would have us believe.

I couldn't care less if he is a trader or a marketeer, really not my problem.
The sooner traders realise that they alone are responsible for their actions the better.


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Just fyi, this is the pillock that went on bbc news and said governments dont rule the world goldman sachs rules the world
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