Alerts to phone or email


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Hi All,
Does anyone know of an alert service which alerts you of when a stock or index reaches a certain low or high.
Preferably a SMS message or an email.. or better still, both...

Is there anything like this and relatively inexpensive??

Many thanks
The nearest thing that i can get to it for free is to use CMC's market maker to trigger an email alert this email alert then goes to my orange account which sends me a text message.

The down side to this is that I dont know which alert has been executed until i make a phone call to get prices. But at least i t can be done for free. Another down side is that it can take up to and over 5 minutes for the text to arrive. I mainly use it to let me know when an order has been executed.

I know there used to be a text service for free on a web site related to the but they have gone down the marketing road and am not sure if they do any financial services like this any more.. it was several years ago now.