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As we have clearly seen that there are a few people coming on this BB with a clear agenda to advertise their services in someway without being upfront about it.

Sharky and the moderators will have to be vigilant about this as some newcomers will clearly get caught up in this and could end up losing more money than they were intending to because they may have thought the a particular person was genuine because they are on T2W.

I think some people have been promoting themselves on the back of T2W because of its very good image.

If something is not done about it soon then T2W will become just another ordinary run of mill BB with every Tom, Dick or Mary advertising, instead of what it is a very good BB that provides help to new and established traders.

Others comments will be most appreciated!!
Be advised, we remove all rogue adverts as soon as we see them or we are notified about them.

Is this something that you have noticed more recently and can you give an example ? The reason I ask is that, more recently, I have seen less of this but there was a lot of it about 6 to 8 weeks ago and all offending posts were removed.

Also shouldnt this thread be on "Website Feedback" ?

Personally, I think there are very few adverts.

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Forgive me if I am missing the point, but I think Rglenn isn't referring to the Direct spam type posts....but rather the in-direct seemingly innocent postings which slowly reveal a different I right Rglenn?, please say if I am not.

doesn't bother or affect me personally but can certainly see Rglenns point if I am getting it. In my opinion this is fair enough if they do it on 'Their own 'website.

& if an un-educated tyke like me can see it........I am sure some of u clever people out there can

perhaps rglenn means when posters post their trades to promote their system for free, and then start charging for future posts. It could be that this was an agenda....
Finlayson & Dsmodi

That's exactly what I meant.

Where someone starts out seemly innocently as if they are trying to help people but they are using deception to get people's attention for their long term gain.

These type of post I accept are more difficult to pin down in regards to a persons long term aim.

As I don't want to upset anyone I won't mention any names directly but I think most people get the drift.

I can only think of 2 people who fit this category if what dsmodi has said is correct. Are you talking about posts deliberately aimed at gaining business for the person posting ?

I wouldnt have thought that was at all difficult.

you could start with the home page link

or just read the posts.

You are not far off.

You stated 2 but I have seen 3 cleverly disguised postings toting for business.

Maybe others may have seen more.