Additional competitions


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Would it be possible to incorporate a FOREX competition ?

Or how about a US stock competition.

Is anyone interested in seeing either or both added?

Forex competition sounds like a great idea. I've not seen any forex competitions around so it would be a great niche to have and probably a lot of fun.
Hi Kevin

There was talk back at the start of the Dow competition that said occasionally we would have one based around a "guest" market - So maybe a forex is possible that way.

I'm not sure how easy it would be to do one like the UK Share competition though, especially with the trouble that Sharky had setting it up :(
I always manage to miss these threads somehow! Thanks kevinmcm for the suggestion. The competition have proved to be extremely popular and I'm sure whichever new one we introduce whether its forex, spreadbetting or US stocks would be very welcomed. FTSEbeater right in that they do take a bit of time to set up, but now that we already have much of the infrastructure in place - it should be a lot simpler this time round.

I'll post a poll in a couple of week to gauge what sort of new competition members would like. Then aim to get it launched by the Autumn of this year, or even sooner if its possible.
I think another stock competition based on US and/or German stocks would be interesting. Those two markets would be of interest to many I'm sure. I'll look out for the poll.