A starter strategy with rules to follow


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Hi Guys

I need some advice, if any are willing.

I've traded two accounts previously, one forex, a few years ago after taking a day trading week long course (price action), eventually blew the account, mainly because i didn't know what i was doing.

Then was paper trading for a year or so due to work restrictions and lack of confidence etc, then started a binary options account after one of my friends reeled me into the hype, was actually doing ok for a couple of months before i blew that account, reasons were not sticking to the rules and poor risk management.

So i learnt a few hard lessons and came back after a long break, after the best part of a year reading up on almost everything i can find, now with a new and more flexible hours job and a passion, I feel I'm ready to get back into it.

Basicly I'm looking for a forex day trading strategy using small time frames, Using FIB/RSI/BB/Price action. (or any of the indicators really)

But the main point is I need some rules/strict guidelines to go by which i can back test and trade on a demo to then progress and adapt to suit my style, if such a thing exists!

At the moment I just feel in no mans land with nowhere to start!

Ive been through loads on the trading methods but there are threads literally 300 pages long with the info all spread out.

Any videos explaining a strategy would be even better.

Does anyone know of any links to these? or have any advice to help start me out.

Just too note: im not asking to buy any products/signals/platform or any paid membership or to shortcut anything. I want to learn myself i just need some guidance on where to start.


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Over the past few days, I chance upon a blog about binary options. I have tried other trading platforms and markets like index trading and forex trading but I find these two very complex to comprehend. Despite this challenge, I still initiated a trial of forex trading in 2013. The trial ended me broke (at least only the virtual account). Then I found one article citing one Mark Tencaten about binary options. Reading up I realized that this system is rather easy compared with Forex Trading. But since I am really naive to these kinds of things, I plunge myself into further reading. Thus I knew then that despite the easiness of trading in binary options, one still needs a least some ideas about stock market or forex trading.

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