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Hi all
I haven't been trading for long, basically i jumped on the band wagon last year and got a few burnt fingers. In fact i still have shares in a certain company that lost me a few quid,so i've resigned these to the bottom draw hoping one day they may just get to a descent level for me to sell. Oh talk of niavety,well never mind here's to the future. I do wonder sometimes how you can make money buying shares and that's why i have logged on to this site to try and gain some ideas on how it works. Please post back and give me some lead as to where one should start.
p.s. i do like to have a punt on penny shares
kind regards, kirky.

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as I am not actually making money at the moment, then I am not the best person to give advice!

However, the best advice is often the most cliched, and most often ignored. Don't try to catch falling knives, don't try to guess the bottom, buy at support, sell at resistance. Look at the sector, etc....

I do not deal in penny stocks. There is a good article by chartman somewhere regarding spread. I only bought a penny share once, and realised I needed to make a 10% rise just to break even!!! Spectacular rises - for sure, but also easy to lose your hard earned wonga!!

If you're beginning, stick to the basics. Thats what I am still trying to discipline myself to do!

Welcome to the board
Thanks for the reply and the advice mark i will try to heed your words.But its hard for me not to get excited about the penny share that might be the one.
regards kirky
Listen to advice if you want to improve! Sure, have a flutter on penny shares but limit yourself to something like 5%-10% of your total cash available.If you get the big one, you'll be cock a hoot! The odds are stacked way way against you.Try and come to my audio lectures to learn. Read the threads here to get a real insight to the workings of "playing the stock market".There are experienced guys here that are losing money, so take note of all you see.It's not a good time to be gambling your money. Even when the market is boyant, it's still a gamble for the unwary.Learn what you can while the going is bad and put it into practice when the going is good and the odds move more in your favour!
Seems like you've already learnt there are some bad buys out there, and consigned them to the bottom drawer! We've all done that.
Welcome on board!
Welcome to the BB and the site,

If you have any probs or there's anything you'd like us to add, then please don't hesitate to let me know. I like to think of the site as continually evolving!

In the meantime thanks for taking part!