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Why do we have to write our posts in a small area that we can only see a little bit of our writing? Not particular to this website they are all the same and I've always wondered why...

The size of the box which you enter the text for your posting is set by the Bulletin Board script to 30 height by 45 width. I may be able to hack the script to increase this if people would find this useful. But this bulletin baord doesn't itself allow me to configure the size of the text box, perhaps we should suggest this as a future enhancement to the people who created this BB at http://infopop.com


ps. I agree with you, it would help if the box was bigger, especially whem writing a long post. though I imaging they thought it would be more compact this way and more suited to small monitors running at 640x480 or 800x600 btw I have a 17" monitor and am running at 1024x768.

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