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Anyone think there is a profit to be made next week from the undermentioned:

Arm - ARM
Baltimore - BLM
Br Telecom - BT.
Morse - MOR
Oxford Glyco - OGS


I realise you know this business and probably have most experience but be careful, the bounce could be short lived as traders will sell into strength to recoup their losses. On Bloomberg Saturday morning John Dawson was saying that one of the top TA men in the business has forecast a market recovery will start on 11th DECEMBER, 2000. Sorry I can't recall the guys name. The two brokers who Dawson was interviewing were sceptical about the forecast but said this TA analyst is virtually NEVER wrong. I wonder? Incidentally, I do agree Baltimore does look good for Monday with a 5% rise on NAZ in half days trading. The difficulty will be getting inside the spread and MM might even gap up at the open making it a more risky punt if America wobbles at the open.

Hi John,
So you've started warming up now?

blm and bt.a are on top of my watch list..already holding blm..might add some more on Monday if the spread is not too wide..

best luck..

There's an uncanny similarity with the charts of these stocks John.
So after wielding my magic pin i'll go for OGS... only a paper trade of course.
Hi Tx

The guy you are referring to is Chris Chaitow of Collins Stewart.

He was predicting the nasdaq would go to 2200.

So is the Nas going to 2200 pre dec 11th or after!!!!!

This is the week that was..........and what a week for share picking.

Open Monday Close Friday %
ARM 591 515 -12.85
BLM 390 341 -12.56
BT.A 635.5 619.5 - 2.51
MOR 447.5 415 - 7.26
OGS 1580 1330 -15.82

At least they were only paper trades!!!!

Now you see why I am out of the market.

Best wishes and good hunting to all your stock pickers


PS 2nd attempt to post this - 1st one didnt show.