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Freebie: an active and reliable EA.

The risk is not really extreme unless you set the balance per lot to a low value. Otherwise, it is low to medium risk.

  1. EA restricted to only trade EURGBP; it can trade 60 pairs/metals;
  2. default has no martingale but a martingale multiplier of 1.3 to 2 certainly helps with losing trade recovery...again...personal choice so no complaints;
  3. TP is 5 pips on M1;
  4. Max spread 1.5 pips - internally controlled;
  5. No new trades opened on NFP days but open trades are managed;
  6. Uses equity drawdown stop: 0.2 = 20% , 0.9 = 90% etc;
  7. Stress-free trading with low risk 100K per lot MM.

Not here for a discussion. if you like it then use it; if you don't like it, keep it moving!!

Yes, any non-curve fit strategy running since 2003 will endure periods of drawdown. There is no point in hiding from reality.

Anyway, enjoy the EA!!!

The latest version attached.

I actually have it running on my account at 300K per lot MM. Very very low risk basically but at least it is making a contribution to the account even if in absolute terms it is a small contribution.




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Thanks for uploading the EX file.
I guess there isnt a chance to see the text file?

(Just to be sure there isnt a MetaTrader equivalent of the "737-Max8 MCAS" lurking within? )

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