Article A Day in the Life of a FX Spot Desk Trader (Part 1)


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Very good.

My favourite bits were the 'check out the big brains on Meat' line (im a pulp fiction fan too), and the ridiculous coffee banter! :)

Made me kind of miss the banter of 'working', really.

As I guess you can tell from my favourite bits, alot of it went over my head, but interesting nonetheless, and very well written.


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I spent several years trading on the institutional side and found this piece to be amusing and accurate. However, I'd take slight issue with an early comment where he says something like "made $6k without taking too much risk". Being given £50mio/JPY by a sniper entails a lot of risk.. he got out of it quite skilfully and made money, but when those trades go wrong, you're down $100k before you can blink. The risk/reward of being a market maker is poor in the sense that you make a small amount on a lot of trades and occasionally get f-cked on one or two; however, with the right salespeople and franchise (and some skill), you're going to make money.


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Excellent read - thanks for sharing these details!

Did Part 2 ever come out?
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