9/11 - The Third Tower

Dec 30, 2002
Interesting article in the main BTW. Thanks for the link. All this vaporized metal, molten steel (for days afterwards as verified by NASA thermal imaging cameras), melted cars, concreate turning to dust, no monitors, chairs, tables, computers, telephones, filing caninets etc in the rubble, just doesn't seem to add up.


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Sep 10, 2004
You gotta laugh haven't you? Reminds me of the page private Eye used to run.
Great Bores of the Century.

A farcical debate led by somebody who keeps threatening to leave and then asks for a vote of no confidence.

Thermite, nuclear weapons, only a question of time before little green men with ray guns goes into the mix.


Lee Shepherd

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Feb 12, 2008
Nuclear, scalar, demolitions, little green men, whatever ect.

This is the point!

All the time the main questions go unanswered it allowes all types to come up with theories.

Personally I would more believe that father christmas brought down those 3 buildings than jet fuel and/or impact damage.

The question still remains:

Why did the buildings all fall into there own footprint even though they were impacted by different objects (2 were planes, 1 was debris) and at different supports.
Why did they not topple over or part crumble, why did they fall at free fall speed as though the structures where taken out before they where fell upon by the level above. (pancake collapse)

Whatever the crazy concepts keep coming up as to what it could have been but if we dont examine truely what happened and why it happened the way it did then the actual crazy concept is that we accept that fires bought these down when we are told that this is not possible.

So who do we believe, the same people that are telling us fires bought them down are the same people that tell us fires cannot bring down these buildings. Some go to claim (the designers and construction engineers of the said buildings) even go on to say that a boeing 747 could not bring it down.

How much circumstantial evidence do we need to ask questions?

For war and death should only be one bit.

But yet we still continue to bear arms against our own race with justification built on lies. So, why invade Iraq, 9/11?, weapons of mass destruction?, oil?. I'm just asking the questions. We know there wern't any justifyable reason linked to 9/11 to invade, bin ladens still on the loose (alledgedly) we definately know there were no weapons of mass destruction.

Dont war for peace, peace for peace. How many more have to die at the hands of a weapon. Bullets were made to shoot, bombs are made to explode. Stop making them and then there will be no more shootings and explosions.

So many questions, not enough answers.

A Dashing Blade

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Jul 9, 2004
PS - I've just spent 5 minutes on prison planet, BTW.
My deepest sympathies!

Did you find the sub-forum "Eugenics/Depleted Uranium/Pharmaceutical Fascism/War on Family/Future WMDs" containing such gem threads as "Evidence of the elite secretly sterilizing women through vaccines " :LOL:

Or the quality one in the main 911 forum ""The US Air Force Shot Down Flight 93" where the OP opens with the immortal line "The following comment was posted to my blog today (I do not know who the author is -- he posted semi-anonymously; so decide for yourself whether or not you believe him):" :LOL:

But hey, it's on prison planet so it must be the truth! :LOL: :LOL:

Likes: the blades

the blades

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Aug 21, 2004
Christmas gift?

Who would stick this on their bumper?

I see Alex is running quite an empire of his own. There be money in this conspiracy business.

He's got more DVDs for sale than Tescos.
never......he's making money with this stuff?

Blow me down with a nuclear explosion.



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Nov 15, 2006
Exactly how many of my sources rebutting the fact-free turgid drival that you guys keep on coming out with have you read? (serious question)

I would hope, for a self-professed "truth-seeker", that your answer is "all".

I suspect it's "none"

Furthermore, I would have expected that, instead of simply providing links to looney-tune 1.5 hour one-sided, partsisan "documentarys" (guffaw), you could have come up with links to (for example) pdf's, scientific journals (as I have done) contradicting my contradictions.
I'm unsurprised that you havn't and even more unsurprised that you can't.
Do I think there was a conspiracy?

Would it surprise you to whan I say yes, i genuinely believe there was a conspiracy by elements of the Bush govenment surrounding 9/11?

Scientic journals as you have done... :LOL::LOL::LOL: Where? :?:

Paper editors get hounded out of circulation for printing the truth. Piers Morgan is just one example. What was his crime? to expose torture in Iraq?

What do you do?

Print some garbage of newspaper comments who seriously lack the meaning of "Investigative Journalism" and report the news as fed out by the White House press commission - which take to be fact...

What do you think would happen to their circulation of any news paper to go against the anti-war movement when all others are for it?

Thatchers government was down hill before the Falklands war and look how she subsequently got in. Same all over the world irrespective of any country.

What scientific journals are you referring to for God sake? :-0

Did you watch 9/11 Mysterious before you label it looney tunes:?:


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Nov 15, 2006
Ok, lets cut to the chase . . . I belive I've asked it before but, hey, it's been a hard day and I can't be bothered to wade through 34-odd pages . .


Present us your theory about what hapennd on 9/11.
This is what we are trying to find out but if you are asking for motive as to why:
1. Old building costly to maintain - littered with Asbestos not approriate for modern office requirements. Falling occupancy with $bn dollar maintenance fees.
2. Justify war on Iraq to take over oil fields
3. Justify war on Afghanistan and take over mineral reserves in Caucases
4. Axis of evil thread - knock out Syria and Iran in the same process but plan didn't quite materialise.
5. Justify $bn dollar contracts for the pentagon and defence budget
6. Reshape US foreign policy to knock the stuffing out of any country that dare raise a frown at US.
7. By attacking Iran stall China's oil supply.

Is this enough motive for a white flag incident. Call it collateral damage.

This to include at least:

- What flew into the towers.
Two aeroplanes flew into the towers. But the skill and ability required to carry out the maneouvers leave a lot to be demanded from couple of hot heads who couldn't even navigate or take off or land.

Terrorist profile does not fit those of suicidal terrorists. They drank, partied and gambled...

- Why did they fall
This is the biggest question which we are all trying to get to the bottom of. Don't you think after all the evidence it needs investigation. Please don't call it looney tunes in respect of the thousands who died under all that rubble.

- In case of controlled demolition: please show how the buildings where prepped, how it was possible to do that within the time limits, why nobody saw the prepped walls, how the explosives and the wires survived the planes' impacts and why no traces of explosives were found afterwards.
Watch this film and you'll get a better idea.
9/11 Mysteries

- Please explain why such a destruction would work without the slightest problems even though there has never been any building brought down that was even nearly as large as the towers, everything was done in a rush and therefore had to been done very sloppy, and even though everything went perfect.
You guys keep banging this drum but totally ignoring three buildings collapsing into it's own footprint being totally vaporised, falling at the free fall speed of gravity. Balance of scales. Nobody is exactly going to come clean and own up now are they. Certainly not impossible. Please watch the film if you are serious about wanting possible explanations.

- What flew into Pentagon
Not an aeroplane that's for sure?
I like to know what flew into the Pentagon too.

Why doesn't the Government show us on footage and why were all films from sorrounding facilities confiscated?

Why does a book stand on a chair with open pages when heat and destruction vapourises and aeroplane???

- Does that match with the eyewitnesses observations? (always a tough one that!)
Yes - please watch the film.

- What was the purpose of the attack?
See motives above.

- Who is involved into the conspiracy?
This is what we would like to find out. Pentagon officials would be on top of my list.

- How have the engineering communities across the globe been silenced?
They haven't. Watch the film and hear them speak and then judge for your self. Who controls most of the media?

Why was Piers Morgan sacked from the Daily Mirror over exposing a simple truth?

- What do you think happened to WTC7?
It burnt down at the speed of gravity into it's own footrprint in 7 hours but luckilly the building was vacated 1 hour after some debri hit it and after smouldering for 6 hours it collapsed. The first ever in the history of planet Earth.

This just to start with.

Please explain in detail and with your own words. No links to CT sites accepted. Unsupported speculation will be ignored.
You really are taking the mickey arn't you.

FFS who am I to determine these fundamental issues. The whole point is they need to be investigated.

Are you up to the challenge?
Yes I am and here they are.

Will you kindly watch the looney tunes film as you refer to and then in your own words without any links or references to other BS sites explain what you think of the questions raised in the film??? (y)


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Nov 15, 2006
In a recent poll over half the American public believed George Bush would make a good president but that didn't mean they were right did it ?

What's that got to do with the price of cheese? :whistling

Polls arn't always right? Therefore, people who believe in 9/11 being an inside job are wrong too.

Hmmm. I see where you are coming from dd... :LOL:


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Nov 15, 2006
My deepest sympathies!

Did you find the sub-forum "Eugenics/Depleted Uranium/Pharmaceutical Fascism/War on Family/Future WMDs" containing such gem threads as "Evidence of the elite secretly sterilizing women through vaccines " :LOL:

Or the quality one in the main 911 forum ""The US Air Force Shot Down Flight 93" where the OP opens with the immortal line "The following comment was posted to my blog today (I do not know who the author is -- he posted semi-anonymously; so decide for yourself whether or not you believe him):" :LOL:

But hey, it's on prison planet so it must be the truth! :LOL: :LOL:

9/11 Enlarge your perspective...

Very sad...

A Dashing Blade

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Jul 9, 2004
. . .
Scientic journals as you have done... :LOL::LOL::LOL: Where? :?:
. . .
What scientific journals are you referring to for God sake? :-0
. . .
Apols Atilla but as I pointed out many pages ago . . .

OK JT, get googling and come up with your estimation of the amount of explosives, cabling etc required to support your "theory"
. . .

these are the cited peer-reviewed paper used in the links I use . . .

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