3 Ducks Demo journal

Second trade:
Buy EURGBP @0.83460
SL: 0.83340
TP: 0.8370

TP hit for profit of $934
This pair turned just as my TP was hit. Well timed :clap:

I must admit I must tighten up on my discipline and get my calculations correct. Although this was a good trade with good profit, my risk is only supposed to 5% of my initial capital which is $250 and looking at a 2:1 R:R, I should only have made $500 here. This also shows in the previous two trade where the miscalc meant a loss of 415 and 390 dollars.
Losing trades on friday and monday. Still battling to post them due to the annoying error but will try and do so again tomorrow. Fridays USDCHF short was disappointing as I had a very tight stop and got stopped out. We all know what happened after that. Even captain currency called it and it could have ran into good profit.
Fridays trade:
Sell USDCHF @ 0.9202
SL: 0.9210
TP: 0.9186
I had a tight stop with a very small profit margin but the stop was too tight.
SL hit with $217 loss.
GBPCHF setup for long
Order filled @1.45036 (0.5 lots)
SL: 1.4461
TP: 1.4587
SL is wide so TP is high as well but will monitor closely and make adjustments where required.


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EURGBP setup for short
Order filled @0.8303 (1.3 lots)
SL: 0.8323
TP: 0.8263


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Hey Mentor

Nice work on the journal, BTW do you use the 3 ducks indicator that alerts you when the ducks are in a row among 14 pairs.. Seems pretty good and saves a lot of screen time..
Hi Twonny,
Thanks for the comments. No I haven't tried the indicator. In fact I didn't know that one existed. Perhaps you could post the link to the download.
EURUSD setup for long.
Got in on the retracement at 1.3251 (1.5 lots).
SL = 1.3231
TP = 1.3292


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