20 m. late open as well ?

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is not the first time i am online at the open of the uk markets, trying to follow the new news of the days and their reactions , but unfortunely I never manage to start making trades until a few minutes ( good ones!!) after 08:00 , of course this being a big disadvantadge , not just because when I manage to buy or short it is a completly different price from the opening with also the problem of the 20m delay over any transaction, is there any way where this problem can be resolved, trying like this not looosig or at least diminuish the disadvantadges...
Hiya Techcherry,

The 20 min delayed trade compensates for the approx 20 min delayed feed we use. So any trade you make should with a small margin of error be made at a price that approximates the realtime price when you make the trade. This is the best we can manage on a delayed feed. If however, anyone would like to donate us a realtime feed, then I'd be more than happy to update the competition to accept this feed.


If when I make a trade you are showing a price that is 20 mins old, and then you process the trade 20 mins later, doesn't this mean that the trade is executed on the basis of 40 minute old info? I.e. do you need to compensate by 20 mins at all?

Sorry if that's a naive question, or one that's been asked 1000 times already, but I'm new here.

It's great fun by the way.

Andy :cool:
I'm not Sharky, but here goes....(that way if I'm wrong, then Sharky et al can correct me)....

If you place a trade at 4pm, the price u see on t2w will that of the price at 3:40pm. Your trade will be executed at 4.20pm, at whatever the price was at 4pm and NOT the 3:40pm price.

Hence, when you place an order, refer to the realtime price at that time. You can get these for free as a registered member of www.advfn.com. The price on t2w is only there as a vague reference, and should not really be referred to for placing trades - in the competition, or otherwise.

HTH ,and ofcourse all IMHO. :)
Thanks dsmondi - that's entirely correct.

It IS confusing, and I shall try to update the competition rules to explain it better.