£1000 into £1,000,000


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That title will get everyones attention!


Plan is to turn £1000 into £1million ASAP hopefully before we all die!

Reason-im bored!

Step One:
£1000 at 1/100 (betfair) Draw between Pakistan and New Zealand (Cricket)
You are risking £1000 to make £10. You are mad.

What if NZ declare and Pakistan throw the match?

It's been done before.

Or perhaps he is good a weather forecasting:-

Rain and bad light brought a premature end to the fifth and final day of the first Test between New Zealand and Pakistan in Hamilton. When play was eventually abandoned, with the Kiwis struggling on 96/8, a lead of 196, and the encounter was deemed a draw.

Well ive opened my account with a win!

How am i mad backing a 1/100 shot that had no chance of being beat?

So i move to £1010 now-bet u all jealous u wernt on now!
Ok now back Only Fools and Horse £1010 to be top rated xmas show on xmas day at 1.42 on betfair.

In my view your bet was not a certainty and if you continue to place 100% of you capital in the market I have no doubt at all that you will lose at some point.

Of course!

This is merely hypothetical-id never dream of doing this in reality.

Im just interested to see how far I get backing seemingly sure things
By the way my bet was a cert because of the state of the game and the weather forecast for the day-New Zealand losing 8 wickets is as many as they could realistically lost-there was never a danger of a result in this game at the time i backed it unless it was thrown by NZ
£1434.20 on Australia to win at 1/50 (betfair) to beat India 3rd test match
£1462.89 ON Phil Taylor Darts world champs vs C.McGarry 3rd round at 1/50 (betfair)

Now have £1492.15 which will go on Taylor to beat D Preiestley next round of darts world champs at 1.03 (betfair)
£1536.92 on Phil Taylor at 1.30 to win world darts championship (betfair)
Hang on, surely that last one is a bit risky at this stage in the championship?