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    How did you move past it?

    I assume you only want advice from people who work in investment banking or at prop trading firms?
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    Is it a bird, is it a plane....

    it wasn't child porn. Just a teenage girl scantily clad. need to get out more my brother....
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    Is it a bird, is it a plane....

    Give it a break lurker, lol.
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    ie explorer and this site

    Anyone else having a problem with this site when using IE? Seem to be fine with mozilla, but im having no problems with any other sites when using IE except this one. Here is the error i get when i click on a post or click 'new posts' or anything really...
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    Best Thread Potential setups

    I think spanish is on your side on this one, but I think he got in about $6 lower :eek:
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    'Holy grail' - Is 300% a month good? Thats all i can do.

    I for one, understood it wasn't serious from the get go. The people who can actually trade profitably are ALREADY KNOWN. You were never going to be one of them. It was a god aweful 'joke' though, in fairness. Not at all funny enough to be even considered a joke, and that's probably where the...
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    Challenge Stage 1; £100 to £1000 using simple method

    god knows. I think it may have been a kid messing around, lol.
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    Day trading the YM

    I like it :cool: Interesting journal. Good luck
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    Dante Loves You

    Pat Bateman FOR THE WIN! Hero of mine too....
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    Classic FX

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    Rep; Yes or No

    Im here for the rep trading....
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    I thought you lost all your money mate, and then wrote about comitting suicide, and that the government pays for your flat?? Then again, I also heard that you shot Jill Dando, so I never know what to believe....
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    Im sure he'll be fine, but 'blackjack' and 'porph' before him have stolen his thunder a little. Are you still killing it porph? You went quiet after some amaing success.
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    The Forex holiday fund

    Good one! I watched that call unfold in real time. Kudos. Catch you mon.