MET Traders?? Any info appreciated

This is a discussion on MET Traders?? Any info appreciated within the Home Trader forums, part of the Trading Career category; yeah, almost none pay anything for the training stage nowadays, because so few stay the full mile. Paying a salary ...

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yeah, almost none pay anything for the training stage nowadays, because so few stay the full mile. Paying a salary is dead money on the whole for the firm.
Directory of Prop Trading Firms here.

Interesting articles about proprietary trading, including whether you should pay a prop firm for training (don't).
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After I sent them my CV, I got an email from the reception, they where not interested.

So, in my opinion, be happy with that offer and take it. Even for £ 5k / year, or nothing.
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any hint about the numerical tests? can someone describe how questions are formulated or give an example? thanks a lot
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generic shl tests
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If you are really serious about trading, then best to get in asap ie. straight after uni even if your not paid too well intitially the trainign is extremely helpful and with the right mindset you can be earning reasonable money. Think about it in some countries degrees last till your 23 and in the UK, you have to pay a good few thousands to study for a masters which may do sod all for your job prospects. Here you get abit of money & relevent, professional training, so grab it, unless you find something better. It beats doing a job which pays but offers no career progression.
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how does their remuneration package work exactly? and what kind of things did they ask at interview?
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Hey Guys,

I believe Mettraders are doing another round of hiring at the moment. I have an interview with them next week anyway. Any1 else interview with them recently? Mine is with two traders. Just wondering if they grill grads on their market views or should I expect to be asked moreso on my cv and so on?

Also I believe there is a numerical test. Just a standard 20 min 20 questions with shl?
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Originally Posted by ahussain86 View Post
Hi smithe7. How did you get on?

I had a numerical test and interview with them recently and have been offered a place. I need to make a decision in the next few days and am pretty sure I'm gonna take it. If anyone has a good reason why I shouldn't, speak now or forever hold your peace The only thing that was a slight turn off is the lack of salary for the first 3 months...but I guess that is gonna be the same anywhere and is probs worth the struggle if I am making decent commission after training period is over.

Re: pay...there is an article on the website in which Danny Kessler of Met Traders says that there are 23yr olds at the firm making half a mill a year. Altho these traders may not represent the norm it does show that such earnings are possible at MET. Does anyone have any idea on what the average trader might be earning in their first year trading STIR futures (on 50% commission)? Thanx

they may be making 500k a year but they forget to mention that most prop traders are self employed unless you work for a bank. so that means you have to pay VAT and your own tax bill which is 40%, so they could be making £500k but more like taking home £300k after deductions, still good though!
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