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By the way, I have to admit that the is a fantastic site. It allows us traders to become a better trader with a minimal risk. sun was right, wonder why not too many traders joining in. Hope my matter could be resolved as soon as possible.
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Hi Frank

Sorry late in my reply I have been trading the YM most of the day. You ask what if the position goes against you with a full hard one it is real up to you.

But for me im not a big fan on placing my max stake on I rather put half on and add some more if im correct.or if it goes aginst me i add more. and if it goes back to my entry price after that i get flat and start again. But if im scalping I place the max on and go for a target with a tight stop.its a personal thing

As for the telephone number I also could not get through to them. All I get is 1 ring and it goes off. I will email them to see what is up with the number.

have you had a game on tradergames yet frank.

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Thanks sun for your reply. I didn't mean to be obnoxious with my no reply thread. Anyway, I hope you had a great trading day, and wish you the best. I agree with your risk remark. This is totally up to each trader individually. I personally would like to take a small risk initially, if it goes against me, I am out with a small loss. Then wait for a price action to dictate my next trade entry. On the other hand, if my trade goes positive, then I add at later stages.

I've been only playing the free games so far, and I always win! I really think these virtual traders I am against are just bunch of dumb computer programs to lure me into placing my credit card#
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Tomorrow look at a live game and trade against them. lets say you trade the USD/CHF if you place a 49mil that is the max you can trade. and for every point the USD/CHF goes up or down you will make or lose 4137 pounds. if you was to trade 10 mill a time that would be about 830 pound a point. that is if you want to try to scale in and out. But if you don't just place the max on 49 mil 4137 per point.and see how you get on.

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sun, this was a fantastic idea. Thanks alot. Didn't think about it that way. Should have had a V8!
Will post my result later.
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roberk started this thread Frank,
Don't worry about your credit card. I take out money almost every week and it is just a click, put in your password another click, and it is back in your account by the next day. Compare that with getting money out of a trading account!

They are very fast on replying about any technical problems but probably don't take suggested changes so urgently- but they definitely consider them. I wrote suggesting that they start a player ranking system. And then say the top 5 players every month get free entry into a tournament or have a play-off against each other: Money and glory. (No reply about that yet).

Note that SEK has a wider spread now (see my earlier post).
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Thanks roberk for the info. But I still would like to see a reply from them, no matter how busy they are, and also a valid phone # in case I need to contact. Hopefully they resolve these matters.

Hi sun, I played the free game, and compared the result with the actual game, and came out winner. Went long 49mil, and started take 10 mil as prices went in my favour. During the first hour, I was ahead 49mil, and the second hour game(10min. to go) 24mil ahead. But the total of my trades was only 8. So no scalping at all. Beginner's luck I guess. Will play like this for awhile, and see how it goes. Cheers.
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