ZEN.. Turning?


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What do you think about ZEN from a tech and fundi point of view.
I've been noticing + divergence on Dirmov, also my RSI has shown + divergence, maybe giving a confirmation signal today. (Price up a penny today so far). Will check tonight for price and volume confirmation.

It also fits in with another recent thread. Came to the market mid year (don't know the history), climbed high and fell low. Maybe now about to find its true value.
Beware - loss making tech stock.

Zen are primarily developing and licensing faster ways of reading and writing data to disks. They have developed a system which enables data on different tracks of CD's and DVD's to be read at the same time using multiple laser beams and special software.

Floated in July with an offer price of 150p and climbed steadily to 383p in September, has since fallen consistently to 101.5p having lost 5% at close today.

They continue to invest heavily in research and development and profits look some way away yet.

With little history I am not sure how accurate the charts can be. However a buy to hold policy is sure to reap rewards in the long term. Licensing dealmaking newsflow is required to convince us in the short term that this share is worth taking the risk.

I would like to think it has reached the bottom - but who knows??

High Risk for serious money but a small punt might prove fruitful.

Good Luck

Zen has to be consigned to the no hopers I think, certainly in the short term- there is more downside over the next few days.Long term, who knows.......