Article Your Game Plan is Useless Without Knowledge

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In this “information-is-power” age, you need knowledge and skill to succeed at any goal. There is a tremendous amount of Fundamental and Technical minutia involved in successful equity, futures and currency trading. However, getting that knowledge can be a daunting task. Also, your attitude regarding your internal stories about your ability to learn and assimilate knowledge can be either helpful or harmful to the process. Often, you become your own worst enemy due to those internal stories. For instance, you determine what you need to learn and to do; then you play the story in your head about how difficult it’s going to be, or how you “flubbed” it up the last time you tried it. This type of internal story is called a “negative feedback loop.” In many cases, a negative feedback loop can disrupt and dislodge your ability to learn and stay on the learning course.
Negative feedback loops most often are established in childhood and built upon the negative messages you received from...

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Nice feel good artical, but didn't say anthing aobut what knowledge is needed. Just read about the little train and say I think I can. Now wheres the beaf?


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Fantastic article

In this game, a positive self image helps. I've had to wipe away my negative chatterbox (you're too old / you're female / you're not from the financial field / you haven't got time, etc...). It's like swimming across a tide. Well I'm going to prove the naysayers wrong.
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