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I am paper trading YM futures using wonderful software TSim+. At the moment the only chart I have is from Yahoo.com . My success is moderate and roughly I am breaking even.

I have realised that I really need a streaming intraday chart for YM with atleast moving average facility. Maybe some other major indicators.

Please advise me which will be the best solution costwise.

The chart from yahoo is for Dow and not the YM chart which is not very ideal as at the moment there is a difference in prices between the two. All comments much appreciated. Thanks so much
Hiya Osho

Try www.quotetracker.com It should run off the IB feed (which I presume you have if your running TSim)
You will need to keep the computer on all the time you want data though, as there is no back-fill.

Thanks FTSE Beater. I will download the software and give it a try. Medved looks to be a great site.
I use a package called ensign software which enables me to playback charts using the simbroker.

The software allows you to select which date, time to start and speed and which Emini to practice on.

It costs $40 a month for the internet version.
The software can be found at http://www.ensignsoftware.com

Also I think esignal have a similar option.

There are two ways I use this :
- print off a chart, mark up my entries + exits and practise around those. This way you learn your setups.
- choose a random day and go for it.

Good luck
Hi osho67,

I also wanted to papertrade for perfection. Still went a different venue:

Install Autotrader (a TSim workalike), which just needs to be copied to a subdir, no further install etc... (to get rid of, just delete the dir).

Install Quotetracker.

Download historical futures data for the last days from www.dacharts.com . YM or ES or NQ.

Now Autotrader will do a simulation of the IB_TWS, QT will think TWS is sending the data and you can papertrade at anytime of the day (or night). Even if you haven't got an account with IB. And furthermore QT could be used as a server for amibroker/RT or metaserver/rt which could then feed metastock or TS2ki

Best wishes

I've only got about 1 months YM back data, but if you want it, PM me your email address and i'll send it to you.

Have fun :LOL:
Thanks Guesty. I donot need ym backdata at the moment. I am still struggling to work out some system for me . I would like to paper trade using ym chart on quotetracker. What would be the ticker to use for ym on QT .?Thanks
osho67, to get YM quotes from Interactive Brokers in QuoteTracker, enter the following symbol:

ACE:@YM   DEC 03

NOTE that there have to be 3 spaces after YM and 1 after DEC

Jerry Medved
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QT has symbol lookup, but not for source specific symbols such as YM on IB. For IB, QT uses the following format:


Enter the symbol into TWS. Then take the value displayed in TWS EXCHANGE column and substitute it for EXCHANGE in the above symbol format. The SYMBOL part comes from the end of TWS DESCRIPTION column and the * represents the type of symbol:
@ for futures
. for options
$ for indices
and nothing for stocks

the EXCHANGE: prefix is optional if the symbol uses SMART routing, so to get a quote on DELL, you can enter DELL or SMART:DELL into QT.

Jerry Medved

This is very useful information for me as I use and I am very pleased with Quotetracker.

Any chance u can include in quotetracker the option to project a percentage from any desired price level? e.g. from the low of the day, I may want to find out where 2.5% is ... or from a high, where a drop of 2.5% may be...? This just cannot be done on most charting packages and the one where it can, costs £3000....

Perhaps u can ask the programmers to include it in a future release? shouldn't be that difficult to program...
Note: these percentages are NOT retracements, as in Fib retracements...
Thanks for your reply Jerry

No, actually I don't want retracements - I know you have them on there....What I do want is percentages based on the actual price level that I choose.....
e.g.if sp500 is at 1000 and i want to add on %3.125, then i would like a line at 1032.5.

Any likelihood of that getting put on?

dsmodi - sorry, not likely to happen. Its not something that many people want and we don't want to complicate the user interface any more than it is now