Is Yahoo Finance Accurate?


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It has the Altman Z Score for Kier Group at 1.82. Macroaxis has it at 1.0 and Stockopedia 0.89. GuruFocus 1.82


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I don't understand what you want to be answered, I can't say nothing about this figures, but I can say about Yahoo Finance in general. Their figures are often accurate, so It may be used to get financial info. However, Yahoo.Finance is a finance info agregator, no financial info company. From one point, that's good, as using Yahoo you can get more info, than using specific website. But from the other point, there may be some unaccurate info, that can cause you to lose money, so always re-check info that you get Yahoo.Finance. I know that a lot professional traders use CNBC and consider it the most reliable source.


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It is important to understand that this is a standard analytical resource, which on the one hand broadcasts the news that has already taken place, on the other hand it can provide data from different exchanges and from different sources, on the third hand it can publish some unverified data or assumptions, on the fourth hand it can be some mechanical error, etc. And there are many such parties in this situation.
And this proves that any data should be evaluated objectively and you should understand that this is not a 1000% guarantee that everything will be fine and that it can be used without any analysis or verification. So, for me this is an absolutely ordinary and familiar situation.
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