Xpertrader - Fraud Squad investigating Chris Pay


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I have received a letter asking me whether I have invested any money with Chris Pay

Has any one experience anything like that.

I suggest every one be care full about all these expert claiming to make money.

Only thing to remember is if they are so good why do they want to share their success? Why do they not sit in a nice office making money rather then selling software and seminars teaching people how to make money on he stock market. Another guys who comes to mind is Darren Winters free seminar. Why any one would be running a free seminar in hotels? Out of goodness of his hear? LOL

Please stay away from these seminars and if you go there do not sign up. everything you need to learn can be learnt by buying inexpensive books and video etc.

Ther is no easy way to make 1000s of pounds on stock market. the fact is that only less then 5% of spreadbetter and daytrader make any money.

So save your 1000 by avoiding these seminars. Another popular con is those property seminars where they charge you few thousands. You can learn by buying buy to let guide from Arla.

"Nothing in life is free and if it is too good to be true then it is not true" if you remember this two then you are less likely to lose money to crooks. Stay away from anyone calling asking you to invest money in shares. Boiler room scam .

Only deal through reputed stock brokers and do your own research and report any suspicious looking scheme to Daily Mail or trading standard officer.

and share your experience or warn others on this board and your friends and relatives at every opportunity.

Happy investing.


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You've lost me I'm afraid. Who or what is Chris Pay, and why the reference to Xpertrader in your title, when there is nothing in the text. And who was the letter from?

While it's OK to make factual comments, such as from personal experience, it is not usually OK to make a sweeping statement which is supposed to cover everyone, so if you could be a little more precise then it would be more helpful to everyone. :D


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As i understand it, Chris Pay is the guy behind Xpertrader.com.........but i am not sure about the letter part !!



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I also have recieved corresspondence from the Kent Police (Fraud Squad). It goes on to ask whether or not I had any dealings with Chris Pay who as far as I,m aware was the guy who promotes the software named Xpertrader.

I took a free trial of his system some 2 years ago. Until very recently I was recieving e-mails from him detailing his latest.


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same here, I can confirm that Chris Pay was the name behind XpertTrader. I took the trial and had a fair bit of disscusion with him both my email and on ADVFN (sorry his bb name escapes me). Some of the answers I got just didnt quite ring true at the time, needless to say I didnt hand over any money to him.


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That looks like the very same blighter to me!

At the bottom of the section on Chris Pay there is this statement:
These transactions are handled for us by the leading payment processor, Worldpay.

I wonder if they are related? :cheesy:


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Yes, I know Worldpay very well - it was a joke. Chris Pay and Worldpay ... geddit? Back to my burrow I think - and I hope you all enjoyed munching my chocolate relatives this weekend.


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You'll like this one I'm sure! - Chocaholic Bunny
No sense of humour these peeps north of the border :cheesy:


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Chris Pay is Xpertrader. Besides offering software and training courses, Xpertarder ran investements clubs over the last 2 years, promising huge returns with a guarantee underwritten by Xpertrader. You can guess the outcome ... zero returns, angry people, Fraud squad gets involved and Xpertarder is , I believe shut down. The web site is closed and I am led to think that there are a number of legal actions pending with the first cout appearance next week. Stay clear of the guy


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Ah - sorry Skim, didn't spot the incredibly elegant play on the name there.... and there's me doing 'crispy' only a post or two earlier!
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