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Just wanted to get some feedback on what people think about this system, there are 3 systems but the first one is given in good detail on this link


More specifically at the end of the page he provides some results
where he quotes a gross proft of $8380 on 134 trades !

But the commision is also low if based on IB you get
((98 *2 ) + ( 36*2) ) * 4.8 =$1286

This is really good right ?

Because it means his commisions are low and his average profit is $62 or approx 12 points per trade

What do other people think, is this good? Is there a flaw in this system that I can't work out, should I just go for this and try it out ?

Any comments much appreciated !
Dr Clayburg , is running a business from selling his codes.. I do have few of the methodologies on TS and works well provided you can have a crystal ball..

As a trader you should be able to identify if market is going to be trending or oscillating before using his strategies.. Well if we did know that ( the influence of higher order time frame ) who would need his strategies .. We would just use a simple MA to get in and out and it would work just as good as any top rated strategy ..
Clayburg strategies and indicators are pretty well known. I have tried them and they are pretty good. The best way is to take up a lease and try them for a month before buying them.


Thanks to Grey1 and ImranQ for their replies
However, I'm surprised I haven't received more replies !

To me this is a great system with published results, something
that is not often disclosed, anyway, I was really hoping to get some discussion on the method and what people think about it,
any more replies much appreciated !
Take care of clayburg multiphase. You will lose your money if you follow their signals.
This's their performance during last year
USD/CHF -6450
GBP/USD -3140
USD/JPY -2610
EUR/JPY -1370
EUR/USD +2010 (Max drawdown -3140)

I never saw performance worse than this!!!