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Hello everybody. Im relatively new to spread betting and hoping you guys can give me some info.
Has anybody been t o and ordered there trading e-book as its based around spreadbet daytrading.

Also which SB is better out of deal for free or capital spread??
Iv tried that deal for free software but it seems flawed! :-0


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Ask yourself why would anyone sell a system that good for $97?

Why dont they just trade it themselves and make millions??

The trading industry is full of frauds, charlatans and snake oil

Dont encourage them by buying what they sell..


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Somebody mentioned over on elitetrader that whenever you want to buy a system ask for 3 things;

1. An unconditional money back guarantee
2. 4 refs (email & telephone) from previous buyers
3. At least 1 years audited results

If they can't produce these then they're full of cr*p. The trouble is I doubt that there's ANY system seller that would/could do all 3 meaning that they're all basically a waste of money.


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How can you rubbish something when it is quite evident you have no idea of they product in question.

There is too much negativity on this sight, a British disease or sounds like a griping loser to me.

I have a copy of Winspread and it works for me, in just the last week my account is up 24.9%.

There are many good and helpful people on this site that help for free, so why do you suggest the selling price should be more?

There IS a 100% money-back guarantee

There are statements from March 2001 and recent results.

The support is great and he has answered queries within minutes sometimes and within hours at the most.

What system do you two trade and how well do they perform, I will buy them if they are doing better than 24.9% in a week, please let me know.



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Can you tell me what are the conditions of the 100% money-back guarantee?

The one time I was unfortunate enough to pay for something like this,a long time ago, I could only get my money back if I had proof that I had followed every trade for several months. In short, it would have been impossible to claim my money back.

I now distrust these websites 100%. The advertising looks the same as many of the other websites that are selling complete rubbish.

I also noticed a link to the Index King website.


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Hi Big B

I think I know the one you mean.

A friend ask for his money back from CT and was asked for 3 months of paper trading results, we have better things to do.

He ended up getting a discount on his second book.

I beleive it is an unconditional guarantee, copied from website

"If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied and do not make money following the system you have our 60 Day Money Back guarantee."

You could ask question to support.



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I can easily rubbish it because it has the word 'secret'in it, as in 'A Top Trader's Secrets Revealed'. Any marketing that has that word in it is a con, pure and simple because there are no 'secrets'.

As for your account being up 24.9% in the last week then tick-tock, tick-tock it's just a matter of time before you lose a significant portion of your money because you're taking on FAR too much risk. Doesn't making 25% in a week concern you? Because it would petrify me unless of course there was a major move and you were positioned the right way (market crash, Sep 11 etc).

Also if I were you I'd try and base my success/failure in this business on at least 2 years, not a few weeks here and there because anyone can get lucky or indeed unlucky over the short term.

The real issue I have with these system and book sellers is that it's just too easy. Let's say I earn very little but have £2000 in the bank. I buy a system for £100, work part time at it and then in 1-5 years earn a very tidy sum, life is harder than that and trading is even harder.

So no I'm not negative, just realistic and realise that this game always has been and always will be about risk and risk managment, this in contradiction to you and all the other people that waste money on these products think that it's just a race to see who can make the most money.


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I've just had another look at the stupid website and my jaw just dropped another foot.

74% in 10 days
22% in 4 days

How can ANYONE with a brain not spot the 'get-rich-quick' con?

Some of the best money managers in the world struggle and bust a gut day in and day out for the whole year to make say 10%-30% but this guy beats them in little over a week!

AND you can buy how he does it for just a few pounds with a money-back guarantee....

C'mon everyone please don't be so ignorant.


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Look at his commissions on the CFD trading, what a joke.

He pays in £50,000 and then in a week pays £15k in comms!!!!

Mmmm, He has to make 30% a week just to break even!!!!!!

Wow, he really understands this business and how it works.....Oh but look he says that the comms are a 'too high' so hopefully he'll be able to get them down to a more 'manageable' 15% a week.

BUT, not to worry folks because he made 22% net that week, so how cares about costs when you're on your way to a lottery winners lifestyle within the year. And all for what kind of investment £100 + 30 mins a day.


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Sorry but I can't resist reading this website to pick out some more gems:

From the website

But consider this, if you achieve just 1% of what the system has produced, this would still give you 50% return on capital EVERY MONTH. You would be lucky to get 20% per annum on the best managed fund.

He seems to be saying that 50% a month is a given. Let's start with £1000 and compound that up. That's about £130k for the year. Now let's compound that up for year 2. It makes nearly £17 million, but there are still some that don't view these kinds of results and potential somewhat suspect, especially when you'd only have to work for an hour a day AND the method cost you just £60.......

I like this bit as well

So how much are we charging for this remarkable system? A system that did make £11,000 in four weeks. Well you won't have to pay £2,000, not £1,000, not £500, not even £100. Order now and the complete system is yours for just $97 (£60.50).

Ever been to one of those con-job shops in Oxford Street or seen Del-boy operate because they all you EXACTLY the same language as above, 'I'm not asking you xxxx for it, I'm not even going to ask you xxx for it...etc etc'

If I can't sleep tonight then I'll add some more


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You're right, let them find out the hard way.

I wonder if we'll get any private messages saying 'you were right, I wish I listened to you guys, why didn't I respect the laws of physics etc'


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If you continue to make 29% a week, and you have £3000 in
your account to start with then in less than a year you will
a BILLIONAIRE (go on do the the calcuation yourself)

So i suggest you just keep quiet about this great system and
all the money you are making!!!


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I have a copy of winspread and the technique is very simple. I too have made some good money with it. I have bought a few systems in my time but this is a good one. Firstly the advertising is a bit 'get rich quick' but the actual book contains some brilliant basic tips/rules that would save newbies a lot of time and money. You would be surprised at the simple things people overlook. I agree its expensive but it is packed full of valuable information.

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