Wilders Reaction Trend System


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Hi all,

Not sure where to put this but those of you who trade UK FTSE100 stocks and are looking at system trades might be interested in a page that Mike Diplock has produced (updated nightly) for picks for this system.


I've been trialing it over the past few weeks and I am very impressed. It's not going to make you rich overnight but it's steady, I'm up 4% over the past four days on my SB account for example. I've been listing all my trades (including the ones where I screwed up!) on this thread:


The basics of the system are on this post:


The system is VERY suitable for spreadbetters :)

Have fun!
thanks for the tip Helen, I'll take a look-any good for the dow?
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Huge stops make it only for the very brave/rich but it works on indices too :)
Hey Helen!!!!
Hope you're well :)
Did you get a response from the States about posting Wilder trading system on the board???

Hi Helen,

It didn't work on FTSE when I tested it...or banking shares, or...

Hi BD,

No answer so I have posted it all up on my site. If you check under UK shares you'll see the links.
Also backtested it over 4 years on FTSE100 stocks, test on there too :)

Off on hols today, back in just over a week.
Hi Helenqu,

Could you please explain what the states are, for example; out; sell; trend; buy and how they are used in making trades, thanks very much.