Wild Forex Today !


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I've been doing my usual daytrading of the 5 min EUR / USD on FXCM since 8am this morning.

WOW ! That has to be one of the most difficult days I've traded. Almost every time the price seems to take off, it turns straight round again.

Very Volatile - short, sharp movements in every direction, with the spread looking particularly wide due to the shortness of the price movement.

Anyone else had a crazy day on the Forex?


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Trading the GBP/USD picked up a nice easy 84 pts - a few small trades only - Z

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Have to admit not doing a great deal on forex today just babysitting current open positions, watching a small tri developing through the say on eur thats just breaking, so we'll see if it gives

Happy trading
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i have to agree that today was difficult even on the eur/usd wjich is usually te trendiest, so cut my 20pt daily 'scalping' target of =20pts into 4 x 5pts rather than 2 x 10pts, to err on the safe side. A nice position trade though on the eur/usd caught 55pts.

I guess its just about ascertaining wether its a trnding or ranging/tight ranging day and altering your chart set-ups accordingly.

pm me if you want to know specifics.
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