why the massive differences in spreads.


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hi folks,

hoping someone can keep me right with regards to a problem i am encountering as we speak.

i was looking to open a position on the nasdaq, saw it was at 2070.69, i then looked at the buy and sell quotes with finspreads.they were quoting 1500.3 - 1504.3.

i thought this was an ideal opportunity to place a buy signal. however straightaway i was down, and finspreads were giving me a mid price of 1499.

why such a big difference between what the real price is and that of the spread betting company.

how can they be giving a mid price approx 570 points below.

please help clear this up for me!!!!


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It seems the former quote you mentioned was for the NASDAQ composite & the latter, the one quoted by Finspreads, was for the NASDAQ 100.


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Kaza - "if it looks too good to be true - it probably is"

Even if an SB did make that sort of mistake (and that is rare beyond belief) your ability to capitalise on it is absolutely ZERO.

Salty Gibbon

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Finspreads do not do the COMPX , only the NASDAQ 100.


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donaldduke said:
deal4free do Nasdaq comp, how they hedge it i dont know?
Anyone know?

I quizzed them about this 2 years ago & I think you'll find that their price movements mirror the nq eminis very closely, even if a different value is given.

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