Who wants to be a Millionaire...


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does he?? Hold on...Did he play the bad guy in 'Enter the dragon' or something??


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I saw him, Martin, and was impressed by him, although for one who practises meditation and stress-management techniques I thought he looked incredibly stressed-out!!

He reminded me a little of Dick Emery's Asian impersonation. Did he remind you of someone?

I was puzzled that his friend, whom he telephoned on the issue of the Swiss town, did not ask him to repeat the question as his pronunciation was shaky. I wonder if the Swiss have trouble pronouncing it?



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ChartMan said:
Any one see Kwan Loo? He seems familiar...

Funny you should say that but I commented to my other half that he seemed familiar!! Must have one of "those faces". Mind you with reality TV the way it is he probably has been on a fly-on-the-wall docusoap thingy running a chinese take away or something. Soon everyone will have been on TV and we'll be playing spot the person who hasn't been on TV before :rolleyes:


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Well, I thought he was at the Xmas Party....


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One of my ex-Cricket colleagues appeared on the show and tore his cheque up in front of Chris Tarrant cause he only got £32,000.

He considered it a failure!



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I remember seeing a programme about millionaire and remember an incident like that-chis tarrant wasnt too impressed!

Kwan Loo

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Kwan Loo responding !

Any one see Kwan Loo? He seems familiar...

Hi Chaps

I was amazed to find myself mentioned when I Googled my name just now.
I joined so that I can answer some of the comments made but it may be too late (3 years later) now.
Millionaire was not the only show I went in for quizzes. It was a long day, starting from before 8 am and the recording was around 8 pm when I got on. It was not a matter of being stressed, but worn out and mentally tired after I put in all my energies into the fastest fingers round, hence I was only 60% my usual self. Pity I did not gamble; otherwise I could have won at least £32k.
No, I was not in Enter the Dragon. We Chinese can look very similar.
My Friend was probably very nervous when I asked him the Grindelwald question.
Sorry, I am not a trader but a business management Consultant.
My website is: K-L Associates - Business Management Consulants if anyone is interested in using my services.
I am trying to publish my book on consulting; looking for a publisher. Does anyone know one?
Since Millionaire, I have written a book called How to Win in TV Quiz Shows to share my quizzing experiences. But my publisher has gone bust and I may try to publish it elsewhere.
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