Article Who is the Fattest Kid on our Forex Market Playground?

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Hello traders! This week I will try to explain a bit about relative strength between individual currencies, help you choose which pair to trade, and suggest a couple of rules for your trading plan.
In the classes that I teach, obviously the topic of charts comes up, along with which currency is getting stronger vs. another when looking at the chart. An easy (and somewhat politically incorrect) way of remembering how the charts work is to think about a teeter totter or see-saw from our childhood playgrounds. When looking at that teeter totter from the side, if the right side is pointing up, the kid on the left side of the teeter totter is fatter than the kid on the right side. In the currency market, the base (currency on the left) is getting stronger than the quote (currency on the right). If the teeter totter is pointing down, the kid on the right side of the teeter totter is fatter than the kid on the left, which in forex means the quote is strengthening vs. the base currency...

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try a forex strengthmeter ?

nice intro to this fascinating area ......i'd recommend traders also look at Forex strengthmeters

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