Who else took up IG on P900 phone offer?


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Am i the only one?

IG were giving away P900 phones, starting at £7 line rental
£7 pound data (7mb a month) (but only to their best customers)
Phone normally costs 300 quid on a similar rental..

Anyway if anyone else applied for one, let me know when you
get your phone so i know when to expect mine... Need to arrange
for someone to sign for it..


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To qualify for this special offer, you need to lose at least £25k with IG........

(whoops, am I being cynical again......... ;) )


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Even though I have my XDA2 from cantors, think it might be time to give IG a call, and demand some goodies out of them.


Just wondering if anyone has received their phone yet?

I ordered my one today. How long will I be waiting?



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Did anyone else get an invite to the free IG seminar at Wembley

And if so are you going?

Or has anyone been to one of these 'focus on profit' seminars
before, is it worth going, id like to go but its during trading
hours 6:45..
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I attended the one in Hendon late last year........only one of the speakers was ok, the other 2 esp Mr Gann (from Gann mangement whatever) were exceedingly boring...................d best thing about the nite was d grub...........lol.


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The phone arrived this morning.. Actually they tried to deliver
yesterday afternoon but i was at work.. You get two chances
and then you have to go the depot to pick it up..

About 7 working days after i sent the form back to IG.

Havent had a chance to use it as i have a day job..

Nice looking gadget... Much better looking than the older P800.

Will install software tonight and report back on IGs new
mobile trading platform..



I think I ordered 2-3 days after you so by my reckoning I should see one before the weeks out. Can't wait!

new accounts + p900

Anyboby tried to get the phone offer on a new account? I use CMC but would be happy to open an account with IG for a free P900 and mobile trading.


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You still doing binaries?

Hows it going? Are you still making consistent money?

The phone is great...very light you dont even notice you are
carrying it. The trading application works well the
prices stream in real time very fast...


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I am due to get one of these soon after waiting months for it ! Is anybody using it for placing trades etc. How easy is it to use and what are the data charges like?


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It works well.

I use mainly for checking live prices while away from
PC, have only a couple of trades using it too date one while
sitting in the pub having a drink with a friend.
Trade confirmation came back in about five seconds..


Overall, I love the phone!

I have done several trades without any problems. Speed is much the same as IG's basic interface.

The only slight drawback I feel is the battery power. If you use it's internet or other multimedia facililties the battery burns quite quickly, 1.5 days in my case. Not a huge problem if your charger is nearby.

If you're a newbie to this type of gadget then you'll be amazed at the amount of things it can do, nothing like leaving it on the table and telling it to ring for a pizza to impress your mates. (Voice activated)




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I have got my phone at last and got the software loaded but I only get live prices when I log in they don't stream and continuously update for some reason. Has anybody else had this problem or know how to resolve it ?


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Yes this seems to a bug in the software... Need to tell
IG customer support. Its intermittent doesnt happen all
time, but is anoying.

You can poll the prices by repeated selecting pause-ticking
and then turn it on again, if you just need quotes.
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