Which SB firm offers the best spreads on the Ftse and DOW?


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As above. Im thinking of opening an account to trade indices. Especially the dow in the evenings.

I think I can successfully use TA to get more right decisions than wrong.


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Try finspreads or deal4free.

Paper trade first until you can consistently make profits. Then trade for real with SMALL amounts.


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<i>I think I can successfully use TA to get more right decisions than wrong.</i>

Getting more winning trades than losers is relatively easy. Getting more money from the winners than you lose on the losers is the hard part.

I have not used them but Capital Spreads appears to be the cheapest on the Dow at the moment.


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I would only go where you get the most generous credit facility. Some make you put up a lot of cash for a small position.


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I think Capitalspreads is d best right now even though they are not 24 hrs..........very small margin requirements and very little slippage......they r relatively new and have the occasional teething prob but they r relatively ok.


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Deal4free and Capital do 5 point spreads for Dow. Most others do
8-10 points on the Daily Dow. The ftse spread tends to about
around half the Dow spread at most SBs.

IG have hourly spreads of 2 ftse and 4 Dow. But these bets
expire at the top of each hour (you can take profits early
ofcourse) .. These may be good for trading just the last few
hours, which is exactly what you want..

Ive found that the trend to tighter spreads has become a bit
of a gimmick as spread bet companies will delay your order
if it is to their advantage if not refuse to fill you.
Note they wont do this in beggining only after you show a large
and consistent profit in your account.
Ive been doing SB for less than a year and when i joined T2W
last month i read these stories about SBs reqoting and didnt
believe them,
but ive had over 10 bets refused in the last couple of weeks
some at just 5-10 pound a point!! Some of these were closing
bets and the price fell after i initally tried to close them and ive
lost a fair few points...

Anyway im still making tax free money and will stick with SB for now.


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It would appear that the recent competition has brought about another reduction in the FTSE spread at D4F, today they now offer the cash for a 2 point spread. This is a very recent decision and it maybe that they have over-looked the need to reduce the monthly and quarter which are still currently held at 5 points. But they may now move them down by 1 point in line with the cash.

Do not know if this will last as it is something they are trying out but the spread has reduced over the last few years and if this remains then it puts them 2 points clear of their nearest rivals in the case of the FTSE, on spreads at least. You never know, but if this level of spread becomes permanent then maybe a year from now could they reduce it to 1.5 or even 1 that would put them on within 1/2 a point of the exchange and a much better deal. Of course it still depends how much slippage maybe seen but it is certainly another step in the right direction to offering a fairer value when compared at dealing with the exchange.

I have never expected SB to match the exchange price due to the way they operate there business but the spreads offered in the past were asking to much. Over the past 2 years the D4F spreads have been reduced and now at least are producing a reasonable alternative to exchange (dependant on slippage).

Capitalspreads do appear to have a very good attitude towards customer services and it will be interesting to see if they now reduce there spread from 3 to 2.


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Which SB are you using that delays on a £5 - 10 bet. I have only experienced problems with bets above £25 on the FTSE but at or below this no problems and so far as good as direct access.

The idea of your trade not being actioned as in the case of Capitalspreads is the only drawback I can see from them at the moment. When things turn against you especially when at a loss you want the comfort of knowing your order will be filled; and to a lesser extent when having patiently waited for the market to provide you with a profit position you do not want to sit in front of your computer and see what you have patiently waited for evaporate due to your ordered not being actioned. At least a re-quote does give you a get out even if it is a few points lower/higher. I think that Capitalspreads should reconsider on this point otherwise they offer good value when compared against other SB.

The above all relates to day trading, for longer term trading the above are not an issue and this is where within the SB system better value is offered. IMHO

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Hourly Spreads

donaldduke said:
IG have hourly spreads of 2 ftse and 4 Dow. But these bets
expire at the top of each hour (you can take profits early
ofcourse) .. These may be good for trading just the last few
hours, which is exactly what you want...

Is this perculiar too IG or do other SB's have it, as I have never heard of this before.
Is this a special "hourly" bet or what?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of this sort of bet?

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