which SB company is best for FX?


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See under brokers for others comments. Also have discussed d4f with lots of other traders who have given up using them. I have yet to meet someone who has used them for some time who is still happy with them.


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Hello Andrew.

Iv traded the FX market with all the spread betting companys.
If you need to use an SB then Capital spreads would get my vote by a distance.



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andrewmooton said:
I have either deal4free singled out or capital.

Could anyone give me a recomendation plz?



I have used most of the SBs. I have looked at the comments for D4F and think they are a bit harsh. I have had glitches with all of the SB companies. I think this is just an unfortunate reality which you will have to factor in.

Of the last 20 or so trades through CMC, I have only really had problems when I have traded relatively large amounts (delay of approx 10 seconds when trading £40 per point on Coca Cola the other day). In a fast moving market, expect a delay of say 5 to 10 seconds.

The spreads appear to be better than most on currencies, commodities and indices.

The only gripe I have is that you can't automatically transfer funds out of cmc (you have to either e-mail them, or fax them an instruction). Also, the statement they send could do with a 'plain English' rehash.

Other than this, I have had no bad experiences with this company.


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RE: CMC v capital spreads

Haven't got a live account with capital spreads (CS), but have had a demo with them and asked them numerous questions etc.

Have traded with CMC for about 2 yrs now and although spreads are low, their big fall down in my view is their complete lack of customer service. Have never really had any problems with fills etc and only minor problems with the platform. Things have always been resolved but I am always left with a "fobbed off" feeling after dealing with CMC over the phone etc. They really just seem to not care a toss.

As a result, I am now in the process of removing most of my funds. I am currently opening an account with FXCM and will also be opening an account with CS as soon as their "if done" order facilities become live. Will still leave my cmc account open for the time being but I will be using it much less now.

As a new account opener, CS wins against d4f in my book, although spreads are a bit wider, the customer service issue and open attitude of CS on T2W wins the day.


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Andrewmooton i use cmc for most of my forex trades there spreads are as good as you can get , the only exception is trading forex futures with ib were typically in mkt hours you will get a 1 pip spread , but unless you want to play with $12.50 per pip i would suggest using cmc , as far as re-quotes goes i have not had a problem with cmc on the forex trades i did have issues last year when i was trading mainly uk stocks with re-quotes .

as with all spreadbet companies you are trading against them and in my experience cmc are the best of the bunch.

hope this helps


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thanks for all your help guys.

i think i'm gonna go with capitals.

Now all I need is a strategy and i'm suffering from information overload at the minute.


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I have a complaint running with the FSA about CMC. They should not be operating at all.

Do not waste your time with Spreads. Go to Dealbook. Wes Newman [email protected] is an outstanding mamager and will get you up and running. Ask him about Indicator 75.

The indicators I use are;
DiNapoli Macd

The DMACD on its own will make you money. When the market crosses DEMA you can trade with confidence. Bollinger centre line and Dema crossing is a very strong signal.

You do not need anything else to make good intraday money.



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Am I right in understanding that spreadbet companies will not charge any financing charge for fx bets while the brokers like d4f will charge financing charge and some brokers will charge commission. Reply much appreciated. Thanks
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