Which coins would you prefer to buy?


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i think many altcoins have a future providing the crypto markets are speared by bitcoin (at least for now) when BTC gets a surge, the others seem to as well. I think while the undervalued coins are at their low values, many would be worth a small investment. Side note, I am hearing lots of hype on XRP but still not seeing enough positive movement to have me hooked. Someone try convince me!


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I just read your opinions and would like to share with you my own. One of the leading platforms for bitcoin trading is Prime. It has bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. With a start within 40 secs, your account is completely anonymous and safe with industry-leading security. But don't think it suggests only bitcoins for the supporters of Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. There is also a full stock of indices and commodities. If it is also interesting, you can try 100x leverage trading.
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i most trade on bitcoin or ethereum or ripple
These three are almost the most prominent coins of the digital age so i guess the brokers like hotforex, fxcm, fxprimus, etc have added them against EUR and USD too.


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The main message from G20 last week was: G20 will not ban cryptocurrency but regulate the market.

The blockchain is a public ledger of all cryptocurrency (bitcoin) transactions. Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges might be the future of the world.

If you are new to cryptocurrency world, several websites below will help you.

Making Money With Bitcoin: 33 Super Helpful Q&As
What is Bitcoin? A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners
Bitcoin For Beginners

Which coins would you prefer to buy? Why?
Let's discuss about those coins.👏
My top coins apart from Bitcoin are Ethereum, Ripple, NEO and EOS


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There is a worry that the new quantum computers coming soon will be able to crack the passwords. Thus causing chaos from hackers.


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There is a worry that the new quantum computers coming soon will be able to crack the passwords. Thus causing chaos from hackers.
Quantum computers can do anything, but still a long way to go!


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Do some research and invest in the coins with strong background but currently have small market cap.


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It all depends on particular purpose. If you are going to use cryptocurrencies as the mean of payment, you will need tokens easily accessible in various places. So, the best solution would be to focus on one of the most popular decentralized coins, such as Bitcoin.
At the same time, if you are going to invest in crypto in long term perspective, you will need to pay more attention to fundamentals of the companies issuing tokens and their growth and utilization perspectives.


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I see huge potential in Ethereum, It's a promising cryptocurrency, not only to its coins, but rather cause of smart contracts technologies. If Ethereum's developers will resolve the oracle problem when signing and executing the smart contracts. If that happens, Ethereum will be able to win competition with Bitcoin and become top-1 cryptocurrency in the world. Of course, I don't know when oracle problem will be solved, but hope it will be :) And there are any guarantees that governments won't take any banning actions. But if Ethereum succeed it will be the true revolution

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