Which coins would you prefer to buy?


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I don't think buying crypto now is a wise choice but it's at the bottom so buying still has a chance of rising later and you can make hundreds percents eventually.


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The main message from G20 last week was: G20 will not ban cryptocurrency but regulate the market.

The blockchain is a public ledger of all cryptocurrency (bitcoin) transactions. Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges might be the future of the world.


Which coins would you prefer to buy? Why?
Let's discuss about those coins.:clap:
Gold coins.

Why? Because they are not going to disappear magically overnight in a puff of smoke.


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I don't get into any crypto endeavours blindly. Information matters more than anything here. Better read this and be prepared: crypto-data.world


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There are a lot of coins in the market these days leaving it very hard for everyone to choose which would be the good buy. I think better to do your own research before getting involved with crypto.


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My favorite coin to buy is Bitcoin. Besides it, I believe in XRP and Stellar which have been growing by the market capitalization even during the downtrend. Also, IOTA can soon get into the top 10 due to dealing with the IoT market.


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I really don't understand cryptocurrency to be honest, nothing really backing them, the behind the scenes of some of the companies is murky to say the least (especially bitcoin) which they use to then manipulate the value of the coin. If i were to invest in any (which I have thought about doing a few times) I would literally speculate with a small amount of money on some of the lesser value coins on the off chance that they make a move.


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No one really understand the background either but there are still many people taking risks in these coins, some making money while some ending up their life savings to the hand of scammers so better becarefull while investing in such projects.


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I prefer to buy bitcoin in 2000+ when his price was about a dollar :D
I miss those days. Even in early 2010s when the price was sub $500. The funny thing is that the only thing that has solidified Bitcoin into the actual market is the darknet through illegal purchases. As soon as crypto is viable across markets, it should settle and become more viable for trading / investing.

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